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Who Are Tyrrells and Embery Optometry?

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Tyrrells and Embery Optometry has become one of Lancashire’s leading Independent optical practices. Our roots in Blackburn trace back to 1928; and indeed, we have clients still coming in who first came to see us over half a century ago!


Our Patients have put their trust into us to safeguard their eye health and we take this responsibility very seriously.


Of our five senses, we believe vision will far outweigh any of the others in terms of importance.  It is imperative that your eyes are looked after to keep your vision at its best - live your life in HD!


When you come to see us for an eye examination, be prepared to have one of the most thorough eye exams you’ve experienced.  Research has shown over 80% of information you receive from the world is through the sense of vision and we believe that the quality of your eye care should reflect that – no compromises.  The geographical spread of our clients from all over the country is testament to the trust they put in us to safeguard their precious sense of vision.


Not only do we offer our standard eye examination (including for NHS Patients) but we also offer a range of clinical specialisms including our ‘Advanced Contact Lens clinic’ and ‘Colorimery clinic’.  We have fostered close relations with the top eye consultants in the area, including those at Beardwood and Gisburne Park and also work with hospitals further afield including those in the Manchester area.


Tyrrells & Embery Opticians Blackburn
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Who We Are



Our Frame Gallery has a fabulous range of spectacle frames and sunglasses.  We stock catwalk designers including Tom Ford, Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo amongst others.  We also stock the minimalist type of frames including Silhouette and Lindberg.  We are the only authorised stockist of Lindberg in East Lancashire and it being a highly bespoke and customisable range means that there is little chance of anyone else wearing the same design of frame as you – your eyewear is limited only by your imagination!



We are a small knit team which includes Mr Ahmed as our Consultant Optometrist and Mr Patel as our Dispensing Optician.  Ann, Gwen and Maria ensure the smooth running of the practice and between them they have ­­over 55 years of experience.  Being a small team means you will be seeing the same faces, all the time.  Having an experienced team means you will be seeing an expert, all the time.


So if you’re looking for QUALITY eye care, QUALITY eye wear and fantastic customer service, you’ve come to the right place, come on in



It's not just your eyes we look after here at Tyrrells & Embery, we also offer Chiropody and Hearing Care services - so you can be confident your health is being cared for from head to toe. Simply contact us for more information.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Haroon Ahmed - Head Optometrist

Head Optometrist

Haroon Ahmed

Usman Patel - Dispending Optician

Dispensing Optician

Usman Patel

Joanna Smy  - Chiropodist


Joanna Smy

Phillip Smy - Chiropodist


Phillip Smy


Optical Assistant

Sabiha Khamker


Optical Assistant

Amber Willis


Matt Kearon

Amplify Hearing

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Welcome to MySight, our online patient portal allows you to book new appointments, manage existing appointments, view the status of any recent orders, view the clinical images from your examinations and check your latest prescriptions.
If you would like any assistance with our MySight portal then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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