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In an ideal world, eye problems would only occur around the time when our normal eye examination is due, the reality is that eye problems can occur any time.

When someone is having problems with their eyes they have a few options to manage the situation.  They can go to the GP, but the problem with this is that GPs don’t have the specialist equipment required to properly diagnose your eye complaint, the same goes for pharmacies.  Not all cases of ‘red eye’ is going to be conjunctivitis.  Serious sight-threatening conditions (which require emergency intervention) can first present with only a red eye.

A visit to the Optometrist is the right course of action.  We are pleased to say that we are accredited to offer MECS appointments.  All Patients whose GP is based in Blackburn with Darwen or East Lancashire are eligible to benefit from this service.  This means that if you have any issues with your eyes or vision we can see you in a timely manner and the appointment would be at no cost to yourself (as it would be funded by the NHS service).

Examples of symptoms we manage under the MECS service include;


  • Dry, irritated eyes

  • Burning sensation of the eyes

  • Watery eyes

  • Eyelid lumps, bumps and swellings

  • Allergy complaints

  • Suspect foreign-bodies (bits) in the eyes

  • Red eye

  • Flashes and floaters

  • Sudden loss of vision


Given that our optometrist Haroon has the Independent Prescribing qualification, our Practice is one of the few Practices in Lancashire that can practically prescribe any medication for the management of eye-related issues. This means that, whereas most Opticians would have to refer patients back to your GP practice or refer on to secondary care, we would be able to therapeutically manage the patients to completion. No further involvement is needed from the GP and this would be under the CUES / MECS service so at no cost to you as the patient.   


In addition, we have over 10 years of experience using OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) with our patients and regularly prepare reports for notable ophthalmologists in the area and beyond. Recently, we have invested in OPTOMAP which provides us with a retinal view of up to 82% compared to circa 26% seen in a traditional eye examination. The results can easily be compiled and sent to urgent eye care if needs be under the CUES / MECS service at zero cost. 

If you have any questions about the MECS service, call us on 01254 53554.

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