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No longer feel cut off from family and friends

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Book your complimentary hearing test today 

Thank you. Our audiologist will respond to organise an appointment.

Our Services

Hearing Assessments

Our specialist assesses

every detail of your hearing

for your peace of mind.

Wax Removal

Our specialist will remove unwanted excess wax leaving you to enjoy the world around you.

Hearing Devices

We provide the latest technology ensuring a tailored solution for you.

Tinnitus Management

Our specialist will assess your tinnitus requirements and find a management program tailored to your needs.

Live Demonstrations

Listen live to the latest technology and hear the difference.

4 Year Aftercare Service

Your specialist will continue to look after you and your hearing devices.

Repair and Servicing

When your devices need help, we will keep you connected.

Home Visits

We can arrange for you to be seen in the comfort of your own home.

We have always offered the best in eyecare, and now we want to extend our service to your hearing too.

If you are having difficulty hearing the way you used to, booking a hearing test could be the answer. Bad hearing can affect us in many ways - whether it's constantly turning up the TV or asking people to repeat themselves, hearing loss has a significant impact on our everyday lives.

Getting to the bottom of this is easy with our fast and free hearing tests at Tyrrells & Embery. For several years now, we have been providing top-quality care to patients in our warm and friendly practice on Darwen Street, which is just a short walk from Blackburn Cathedral. With a longstanding connection to Blackburn's old market place, there are plenty of shops and pubs along the street. We make sure every customer gets the personal support they deserve, and you too can benefit from our outstanding service by booking your free hearing test today.

Our Audiologists at Tyrrells & Embery


Matt Kearon-Warrilow


Matt has been qualified as an Audiologist since 2013, after studying at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He has worked in both the private and NHS sectors during this time, and is also qualified in wax removal via microsuction.

Matt likes spending time getting to know his patients well, in order to ensure they are provided with the right care, and the most suitable hearing instruments and solutions to help improve their everyday life. Helping patients hear better in situations specific to them is the most satisfying part of his job. 

Health & Personal
In his spare time, Matt plays bass guitar in a band and was proud to release an album a couple of years ago. He also enjoys spending time and traveling with his young family and their dog Pinto. When he’s not busy, Matt will happily sit and watch any sport on TV for hours, especially cricket!  

Wax removal in Blackburn

Wax build-up can cause an array of problems. From earache and tinnitus to dizziness and infections, excess wax can be painful and uncomfortable if left untreated. That's why we are proud to offer our fantastic wax removal service to our customers. Getting rid of a blockage is quick and painless at Tyrrells & Embery, and will reduce your risk of hearing loss, pain and discomfort.

Why book a free hearing test?

We know how important your hearing is, but it's equally important to put your ears in the care of someone you trust. With several years' experience in the field and an enviable collection of qualifications, our practitioners are simply the best. Booking a free test with Tyrrells & Embery allows our specialists to give you a comprehensive hearing check and create a supportive aftercare plan if needed. Patients will benefit from our range of hearing aids, both invisible and rechargeable, or our effective wax removal service. Our practitioners are ready to examine you in a warm and friendly atmosphere and are passionate about providing the highest standards of care to every customer.

Book your complimentary hearing test today 

Couple booking their complimentary hearing test

Thank you. Our Audiologist will be in touch to organise an appointment.

Customer Reviews

Hear from our happy customers...

The hearing aids are unnoticeable and the quality of hearing is so much better than with any of the hearing aids I’ve had before – in all environments.  I am delighted with them.



Just like to say how pleased I am with the service and the quality of the product recommended, all working very well, plus the cost was 20% cheaper than the cost of the device recommend by another independent supplier.


Ian Tidey

Having just returned from my first”check up” following the fitting of my new hearing aids about a month ago I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am not only with my hearing aids but also with the overall level of service that you have given me.


Mrs J M Batten

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