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Meet Your Local & Independent Opticians

Tyrrells and Embery Optometry has become one of Lancashire’s leading independent optical practices. Our roots in Blackburn trace back to 1928; and indeed, we have clients still coming in who first came to see us over half a century ago!

Clinical Excellence

We believe that we have the most comprehensive and extensive clinical service on the high street. Our technology includes OPTOMAP and OCT scanning along with Colorimetry assessments.

Exclusive Selection

We are authorised stockists of some of the most sought-after brands in optics. We also offer products from niche suppliers, that you will not find anywhere locally.

Personalised Service

We are committed to your eye health and have invested time and resources to ensure we can deliver to you the best eye examination for your peace of mind. 


Your Vision is Our Priority

Of our five senses, we believe vision will far outweigh any of the others in terms of importance. Your eyes must be looked after to keep your vision at its best - live your life in HD!

​When you come to see us for an eye examination, be prepared to have one of the most thorough eye exams you’ve experienced. Research has shown over 80% of the information you receive from the world is through the sense of vision and we believe that the quality of your eye care should reflect that – no compromises.

Perscription Glasses
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