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Advanced Contact Lens Clinic

At Tyrrells and Embery we pride ourselves in being a centre for excellence in contact lenses.  People wear contact lenses for many reasons including social, sports and convenience.  The vast majority of contact lens wearers can successfully wear the usual soft lenses to meet their needs.

In some cases, however, the usual contact lenses don’t work and a more specialist solution is required.  Examples of these cases include for patients with corneal issues such as keratoconus or post-LASIK complications. 

Being an independent practice we are not affiliated to any one company for our contact lenses and this allows us to source any lens in the world.  The lenses we prescribe to you will be what your Optometrist thinks is best for you. 

We manage many specialist cases and even do some work for the local Hospital Eye Department.  Examples of our specialist lens work include:

  • Multifocal lenses

  • Keratoconic lenses

  • Post-LASER lenses

  • Hybrid lenses

  • Scleral lenses

  • Colorimetry Contact lenses

  • Bandage contact lenses

If you have any queries regarding contact lenses, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01254 53554.

The type of specialist lenses we routinely fit in practice include:


  • Soft Multifocal lenses  - This allows the user to have functional vision at distance and near

  • RGP Multifocal lenses – Also commonly known as ‘hard’ lenses.  This allows the user to have functional vision at distance and near.  Many patients feels their vision is ‘crisper’ when wearing RGP lenses, however, the initial discomfort can be offputting for some patients

  • Hybrid lenses – These offer the best of both worlds where, the contact lens in the centre has a central RGP portion and this is surrounded by a soft ‘skirt’.  So you get all the optical benefits of the RGP lens and the comfort benefits of the soft lens.  These lenses are can be worn by anyone, but are particularly useful for those patients who have corneal issues, such as keratoconus.

  • Scleral lenses – These lenses are made up of the same material as RGP, but size and the fitting of the lenses mean that the contact lenses only touches the ‘whites of the eyes’

Contact Lens Care

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