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Tomato Glasses

“The story about the love of a parent for their child and the extremes they have gone to, to find perfect” (Tomato Glasses)

“Non-slip, Safe, Adjustable”

Enjoying rapid success, Tomato Glasses have rapidly become one of the leading children’s frame manufacturers in the optical market. Finding the right pair to suit children is often challenging as most glasses will have a standard fitting and adjustments can be tricky to make. Thanks to Tomato Glasses, the search has become a lot easier.

What separates Tomato Glasses from other brands?

They supply frames that fit to a child’s face rather than the child fitting to them. Due to their elastic properties they are robust, making them the first choice for many parents. They are available in an array of colour and sizes, fitting children as young as one. Below we have highlighted the key features and benefits.

1. They are flexible and display excellent elasticity and do not break easily.

2. They are light. There is a cushion on the tip that matches the complex curves of the ears ensuring that it does not press against them.

3. The temples are adjustable. To shorten them, we simply remove the ear tip and cut off the excess length and secure them in position using the screws provided. To lengthen the temples, we pull the ear tips back and secure them in position.

4. As every child’s face is unique, the bridge fittings vary considerably and correct placement of the nose piece is difficult. The saddle, silicone nose piece has been designed so that it can be positioned at various points on the bridge of the frame ensuring optimum comfort.

5. All Tomato Glasses come with an attachable strap as a standard accessory so preventing the glasses from slipping when being active.

Our dispensing optician within the practice will ensure that these specialist adjustments are fulfilled accurately in accordance to strict guidelines.

Worried about cost?

Our practice provides Tomato Glasses to those children who qualify completely free of charge.

Naturally, accidents, loss and damage will happen regardless of how careful a child may be, therefore repairs and replacements are also free of charge.


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